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Died and Gone to Green Bay
Maricques, Green Bay

classicwisconsin believes that in Heaven there is a non-descript shack serving a fish fry every Wednesday and Friday, where the lake perch is the best (this is Heaven after all) and Point Bock is served in perpetuity (that means longer than just winter, because this is Heaven after all). Illinoitians are still trying to find the place, Minnesotans are turned away at the door, Yoopers are honorary members. 

Until then, there is Maricque's, where you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.

Maricque's has been a fixture on Green Bay's north side since 1934, just one reason classicwisconsin believes this anonymous looking tavern at 1517 University Ave., next to the used car lot, is home of the #1 fish fry in the land. 

There is Maricques, and then there are all the rest. Don't argue with classicwisconsin. Go. Eat perch.

Maricque's is owned by a longtime commercial fishing family, so the bloodlines are there for starters. Fish and fish only on Wednesdays and Fridays, no other food is provided except for Booyah on Saturdays. (See, this place is Heaven.) Perch is the plate of choice, but smelt (in season), chub, lawyers, whitefish, catfish, and blue gill are on the menu too. Enough fish for yew hey? 

Maricque's menu is a relative term here -- a dog-eared table tent is more accurate. The perch is piled on paper plates in single, double, or triple portions, with or without bones, and a thick slice of onion and buttered rye bread on the side. The perch is cooked so delicately that you can actually savor …perch, unlike places where fish is deep-fried into chunks of crud. And Maricque's veterans know that bone-in perch is even more succulent than the boned, but you have master the art of peeling the fillets from the skeleton. The expert fish-slinging waitresses can show you, honey. 

No silverware. No linens. No pretense. A bar on one side of the room, tables on the other. Nail a couple buoys to the wall with some Packer shareholder certificates and it's a true fish and beer joint that created a minor stir a few years back when it added french fries to the menu. Fries just get in the way of devouring more perch. 

The best fish fry on earth.

One other thing: Point Bock on tap. 

That's it, there aint no more.

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One fish:
What did you expect from a couple of deep fryers and a bag of frozen cod? At least they tried.

Two fish:
For a Friday night it's better than eating fish sticks on your couch.

Three fish:
Typical Wisconsin fish fry at a supper club or tavern. Involves a crowded bar and a Packers schedule on the wall (extra credit if the game scores are filled-in).

Four fish:
Member, classicwisconsin Shanty of Fame. An irresistible combination of atmosphere and fish.




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