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    Typosquatting: How to Protect Yourself from This DNS Attack

    Typosquatting is an infamous way to attack your DNS servers by following an instinct of “Humans Make Mistakes”. It is also known as URL Hijacking. Typosquatting is heavily dependent on typographical errors which are usually made by users of the internet.
    How Typosquatting is Dangerous?

    Suppose you made an error in typing the web address of your email service provider. What do you think will happen? Most of the times, you’ll get an error message saying that the URL is invalid. This is good and old internet but alas, we do not live in those days where we could trust everyone.

    Let me tell you what will happen if a typosquatter has targeted your email service provider. He will register all the combinations of domain names which are closely related to your email service provider’s website. Every error you make while typing the website will lead you to a typosquatter’s website which will look THE SAME!

    Yes, with coding and web development being so spread-out, anyone can make a mirror site without spending much.

    Now, you won’t notice anything suspicious because “hell, this is the same looking site!”

    You enter your username and password which gets stored in the logs of typosquatter and boom! You have been hacked!

    You must be thinking that yeah, it is old phishing technique but how does the DNS fits in all this?
    Where Does a DNS Attack Fit in Typosquatting?

    Typosquatters have evolved smart. In the conclusion of above paragraph, did you even think what would happen after you enter the username and password of your email? Normally you’ll be somehow told that the connection is lost and you’ll have to log in again (in the real site of course). This usually leads to the suspicion about a normal Typosquatting attack and chances are you’ll change your password in no time.

    But, this is not the case with a DNS attacking Typosquat!

    Remember the fact of attackers getting smarter day by day?

    A Typosruatter is not just a typosquatter these days. With the amount of information available in the internet, anyone can be a DNS hacker.

    By having the knowledge of website spoofing as well as DNS hijacking, a smart typosquatter can easily outsmart you incase you don’t have a DNS security.

    When you visit a targeted site, your browser will be infected with an especially designed DNS attacking malware which will change the DNS setting of the browser. Now, when you enter the username and password in the infected browser, every confidential detail will go to the logbook of the attacker and you’ll be redirected to the original site without any “connection problem” kind of error.

    Without any error, you won’t suspect any kind of hacking attack and won’t change the credentials. This is why typosquatting integrated with DNS hijacking is so dangerous.
    How To Protect Yourself from Typosquatting DNS attack?

    The first way to protect yourself from this kind of attack is to avoid miss-typing the websites.

    However, it is human nature to commit mistakes and no one can be absolute careful. This is where DNS security software comes into the play. This software restricts the malware and stops it from changing the DNS setting of your browser. This way, your browser won’t be infected and you won’t be hacked.