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  In Wisconsin, fish and fry go together like Dickey and Lofton. Join us on rollicking ride through the land of beer tents, bars and supper clubs for the real scoop on the state's fish fry joints.

Cheerless: Down and Out
on Green Bay Road

Old Route 41 Diner, Neenah

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name.

Will Dexter's Save Madison?
You pay for honesty here, dear subscriber, ClassicWisconsin has pledged to you from the very beginning -- from the time ClassicWisconsin was a little lake perch-eater in knickers -- you would get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but something close to the truth.

Madison sucks. Read the latest fish fry review here.

The Damned and the Defunct
Classic Wisconsin was checking the fish fry listings -- that's what Classic Wisconsin does for you, dear subscriber, checks the fish fry listings -- when Classic Wisconsin came across a story about Appleton Xavier High School re-naming its stadium to honor local football great Rocky Bleier. Click here.

Wisconsin's Friday Night Fish Fry Tradition
UW-Madison folklorist Dr. Janet Gilmore explores Wisconsinís greatest tradition and asks you, dear subscriber, for your input. Know a good fish fry? Classic Wisconsin bets you do. Click here.

The Little Nut Hut
Little Nut Huts are nut dispensers that look like miniature two-stall boathouses. If your tavern is on top of things, its Little Nut Hut will contain a working light bulb. Click here.

Northern Wisconsin Fish Fry


classicwisconsin spotted a waitress serving a slab of prime rib pert near the size of a half-critter, pert near.

Central Wisconsin Fish Fry


No silverware. No linens. No pretense. A bar on one side of the room, tables on the other.

Southern Wisconsin Fish Fry


When Goedens held its grand closing, the night we went on a smelt jag and hallucinated for a day


Top Fish Shanty
2005 Index

Shanty Fabulous

The Dream Shanty
Our Cabin on the Lake
Calling All Fish

Wisconsin Crime

John McCaffrey's Body ó The death of John McCaffrey is unearthed, and why it matters 150 years later.

Frozen Summer — On August 17, 1993, a college coed was found murdered in a Stevens Point hotel room.

The Story of the Snow Queen — On a cold March day in 1993, a  man stood alone on County Road W in Portage County. He wore nothing but his socks.

Valley of the Molls — In John Dillinger's heyday, the mere mention of his name could incite widespread panic, sometimes with comical results.


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